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Tee Store

Tee Store

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Once upon a sunny afternoon, three adventurous girls, Lily, Emma, and Ava, set out on a shopping spree in the heart of the city. As they strolled down the bustling streets, they stumbled upon a quaint little store with a sign that read "Alpha Tees."

Curiosity piqued, they decided to step inside. To their surprise, they found an array of colorful and quirky T-shirts on display, each boasting unique designs and clever slogans. Excitement bubbled in the air as they browsed through the aisles, trying on their favorite picks.

But as they reached the back of the store, something even more intriguing caught their attention—a hidden corner filled with an assortment of puzzles of all shapes and sizes. The puzzles displayed vibrant images, from enchanting landscapes to mesmerizing animals.

"Eureka!" Lily exclaimed, her eyes gleaming with delight. Emma and Ava's faces lit up, mirroring her excitement. They were all puzzle enthusiasts and couldn't resist the allure of these intriguing brain teasers.

Without a second thought, they each picked a puzzle and gathered around a cozy table in the corner. As they assembled the pieces, their laughter filled the room. Together, they navigated through the twists and turns of the challenging puzzles, piecing together the vibrant pictures with skill and joy.

As time flew by, they lost themselves in the world of puzzles, and the store's friendly owner, Mr. Thompson, joined in on the fun. They shared stories, exchanged tips, and reveled in the sense of camaraderie that the puzzles brought.

As the sun dipped lower in the sky, they completed their masterpieces one by one, feeling a great sense of accomplishment. The store seemed to echo with their laughter and triumph.

Before leaving, they thanked Mr. Thompson for the wonderful experience and pledged to return soon. As they stepped back onto the busy streets, the girls felt a profound bond, having discovered not only cool puzzles but also newfound friendship and shared passion.

From that day on, every time they passed "Alpha Tees," they couldn't help but smile, remembering the hidden treasure they found in the back—the puzzles that brought them together and made their shopping adventure a truly unforgettable one.

  110 pcs (Vertical) 252 pcs (Vertical) 500 pcs (Vertical) 1014 pcs (Vertical)
Width, in 7.99 10.59 15.98 19.02
Height, in 10.00 13.50 20.00 28.50

Add your custom artwork on this puzzle and help adults and kids alike spend quality time over a game they'll love. Each puzzle comes in a glossy finish and is available in both vertical and horizontal orientations to best fit your photos and art. Your ideas are printed and laminated on sturdy chipboard backing while each pack includes a reference print to easily put the puzzle together.

.: Material: 100% chipboard
.: 110, 252, 500 or 1014 piece options
.: Available in vertical or horizontal orientation
.: Glossy laminated finish

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