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Once upon a canvas, the gentle artist Bob Ross stood before a blank landscape, ready to share his painting wisdom with eager students. With a serene smile and a calming voice, he began to explain the art of creating a majestic mountain.

"Happy little mountains," Bob whispered, as he dipped his brush into the palette of colors. He gently swept the canvas, forming the base of the mountain with soft green foothills.

"Next, we add the mountains' foundation," he said, mixing shades of gray and blue to create the rocky terrain. Bob guided his brush with effortless strokes, shaping the contours of the mountains.

"Now, let's give our mountains some snow-capped peaks," Bob said cheerfully, touching the top of each mountain with pure white paint. The peaks emerged like fluffy clouds caressing the sky.

Bob then added a shimmering lake at the mountain's base, reflecting the beauty above. He mirrored the mountains in the tranquil waters, creating a stunning reflection.

"Now it's time to add some happy little trees," he said, bringing life to the surrounding landscape with the flick of his brush.

As the painting took shape, Bob's students marveled at the mountain masterpiece. In those fleeting moments, they learned that with a few gentle strokes and a heart full of joy, they too could create their own serene and magical worlds on canvas.

And so, under Bob Ross's guidance, the mountains came to life, teaching the world that art was a gateway to tranquility and a medium to express the beauty within.

  110 pcs (Horizontal) 252 pcs (Horizontal) 500 pcs (Horizontal) 1014 pcs (Horizontal)
Width, in 10.00 13.50 20.00 28.50
Height, in 7.99 10.59 15.98 19.02

Each puzzle comes in a glossy finish and is available in both vertical and horizontal orientations to best fit your photos and art. Your ideas are printed and laminated on sturdy chipboard backing while each pack includes a reference print to easily put the puzzle together.

.: Material: 100% chipboard
.: 110, 252, 500 or 1014 piece options
.: Available in vertical or horizontal orientation
.: Glossy laminated finish

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